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Whalebeings.com is a fun way to incorporate more whale into our intrinsically flawed human lives. We are a community of diverse, curious-minded, nature-loving, body-positive beings, or Whalebeings. Are you ready to dive in and join the pod?

The Whalebeing manifesto

1. Frolic in nature

2. Notice little joys

3. Be inquisitive

4. Practice tolerance

5. Be kind to all creatures

6. Celebrate our bodies

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The ‘be outside more’ challenge – 7 different tasks to do in nature and how it could make your life better

We all know instinctively that nature does something good to our souls. After all – we’re animals: we are nature. But being the clever monkeys that we are, we realised at some point a few thousand years ago that building walls around ourselves kept us pleasantly distanced from things like sharp-toothed animals and weather. AndContinue reading “The ‘be outside more’ challenge – 7 different tasks to do in nature and how it could make your life better”

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The value we put on our tummies

Few women like the way their abdomens look. Walking past the women’s magazine stands in your local supermarket, you’d be forgiven for thinking this section of torso between our boobs and vaginas represents our value as human beings.

Fun whale-related content

How to measure the world in blue whales

My sister Emma and I have always had this theory that a blue whale is the ideal reference from which to measure the rest of the world. We’ve estimated all sorts of things using the blue whale as a starting point. Here’s a silly blog I wrote when I was made redundant (and had quite a lot of time on my hands) about five years ago.

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