I wish I was a fearless Roman Goddess

Will I always feel like this? Like swamp mud Viscous, formless. I need warm, firm hands  To sculpt me into something  Recognisable Like a woman, or a tree.  I wish I was a fearless Roman Goddess Or an African warrior with my Tits out.  I would invite death  To pierce my soft underside, And thenContinue reading “I wish I was a fearless Roman Goddess”

My imaginary dinner party guest #3: Margaret Atwood

Previously on ‘My Imaginary Dinner Party’… Now there’s a table, a rapidly depleting selection of wines, a tepid pasta bake, a smattering of Pringle crumbs in a bowl, Leonard Cohen, Lana Del Rey, and me. Leonard’s ramped up the story-telling and Lana is sitting with one leg crossed elegantly over the other, hand-rolled cigarette inContinue reading “My imaginary dinner party guest #3: Margaret Atwood”