Falmouth, Jupiter and solitude

“Oh! You’re from Jupiter too.”I blinked at the hairy stranger. “Erm…am I?”“Yeah I can tell. I can just tell.”The hairy stranger pointed his finger across the pub table and, after a moment of hesitation, I touched the brandished finger briefly with the end of mine. I must have passed this test of Jupiter etiquette because…

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A pilgrimage to Tremough campus

I wasn’t ready for uni to end. It went by in a happy, hedonistic flash and before I knew it I was trussed up in one of those standard ‘office girl’ shift dresses staring at a computer screen churning out generic website content about things like coronary heart disease and diabetes which – let’s face…

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Why I’m proud to call Eastbourne my home

I do intend to write a ‘proper’ visitor’s guide to Eastbourne at some point but for now here’s a personal piece about why I’m proud to call Eastbourne my home

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