First official training run for Eastbourne Half Marathon No.4

After a week of feeling poorly and hibernating in my flat it’s time to accept that the year has started, there’s lots of scary grown up things to plan over the next few months AND it’s the Eastbourne Half Marathon in exactly eight weeks.

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5 Things I learnt in 2015

We’re here again, the cusp of a brand new year. Usually tonight’s the night I drink too much and have a little cry to myself in the toilets about the inevitability of time before reemerging at the Big Countdown to hold hands and slur what I think could be the words to Old Lang Syne and pass out in a teary,…

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Why I’m proud to call Eastbourne my home

I do intend to write a ‘proper’ visitor’s guide to Eastbourne at some point but for now here’s a personal piece about why I’m proud to call Eastbourne my home

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