Things people don’t tell you about buying a property

1. It’s not actually that stressful There’s that popular saying, isn’t there, about how moving house is the most stressful thing a person can do in their life. I think what was more stressful than moving into my new flat was having my big toenail pliered off by a nurse in an A&E in CardiffContinue reading “Things people don’t tell you about buying a property”

Hyperreality and the home

I’m standing on thick-pile carpet in front of a 3-seater Chesterfield sofa. A golden-framed hexagon-shaped mirror is mounted on the fashionably patterned wall behind it. The room and all of its trinkets and finishing touches is dominated by peacock greens and blues with metallic accents. There is a rich, decadent, almost exotic feel to theContinue reading “Hyperreality and the home”

What do me and Pippa Middleton have in common?

We’re both getting married in the next few days, and we’re both female. That’s it. Oh and we have brown hair.  I’m one of those Daily Mail haters who secretly reads the showbiz section. As such, and it’s my own fault really, it hasn’t escaped me that I’m not the only person getting married soon.Continue reading “What do me and Pippa Middleton have in common?”

How to spectacularly fail a job interview

This is a post I wrote on my old blog in January 2014 just as I was finishing up my journalism qualification. I somehow managed to land an interview for Digital Editor of a number of big titles including Coast Magazine, Psychologies and – most thrilling of all, Tractors & Farming Heritage Magazine. I tried my best,Continue reading “How to spectacularly fail a job interview”