About Whalebeings

A fun way to incorporate more ‘whale’ into our imperfect human lives

Hi! My name’s Zoe – welcome to my blog

Here are some things about me:
  • I’m a 30-year-old Brit.
  • I live in a flat by the sea with some hilariously cute, silly, lovely guinea pigs.
  • I love to travel.
  • I believe a good walk in the hills cures most things…
  • So does a cup of tea and a biscuit.
  • I’ve struggled with body image issues for most of my life.
  • I’m a professional writer, qualified yoga teacher and trained journalist but what I really want is to write novels somewhere warm and beautiful, on a smallholding with dogs, alpacas and freshly grown vegetables.
  • You might have guessed, but I think whales are pretty cool (all sea creatures in fact).

I think we’re all fumbling through life with varying degrees of success and varying ideas of what success looks like. Being human is hard. We’re basically just monkeys in jeans but somehow over the centuries we’ve obnoxiously elevated ourselves above nature and constructed a complicated, greedy, judgemental society that puts a huge amount of pressure on us all to look, feel and behave in certain ways.

Hence why the wellbeing industry is so lucrative

The wellbeing industry promises to elevate us out of our chubby, lazy, silly little existences. All we have to do is subscribe to that 30-day diet tea detox, or that self-help ebook written by a 21-year-old social media influencer with dubious spelling ability but great skin. With the right diet, mindset and daily routine, you too can be successful, loveable, confident and immortal with zero per cent body fat.


It’s time to be OK with being ourselves. We all make poor choices and mistakes from time to time; it’s unsettlingly easy to end up on a path that isn’t making us or the people around us happy. The important thing is to notice and instead of panicking, or self-destructing with feelings of guilt and fear, simply adjust the course of your journey in the great ocean of life.

Which brings us conveniently onto the subject of whales.

The Whalebeing Manifesto

What do whales have to do with wellbeing?

(Apart from the questionable pun)

As far as creatures go, whales are just all-round good eggs. Even orcas, the widely-regarded arseholes of the sea, aren’t actually whales (they’re dolphins). Whalebeings.com is a fun way to incorporate more whale into our intrinsically flawed human lives. How do we do that, you ask? Well, it all begins with the famous Whalebeing manifesto. All to be taken with a pinch or two of sea-salt, of course.

Whalebeingness comes from the spirit. There are no complicated rules, no fees, no fear, shame, or threat of eternal damnation if you don’t follow the Whalebeing manifesto perfectly all of the time. It’s important to remember that Whalebeings are well-intentioned but imperfect. Just like the giants of the deep, we are gentle, unhurried and compassionate creatures – yet we travel colossal distances, achieve great feats, form close bonds and influence the world around us in subtle yet vital, profound and beautiful ways. We can all be Whalebeings if we take a few pointers from our cetacean chums. We just have to try to:

1. Frolic in nature

2. Notice little joys

3. Be inquisitive

4. Practice tolerance

5. Be kind to all creatures

6. Celebrate our bodies

When being a human starts to feel a little tough (which it does, from time to time), you can always turn to the Whalebeing manifesto. Choose a part to focus on. Maybe you need to get your Wellies on and have a splash about in a puddle outside, or go for a brisk walk around your local park. Maybe you need to take a long, steamy bath to reacquaint yourself with your body. It’s easy to get caught up with feelings of inadequacy: thinking you’re too fat, too skinny, too spotty; not enough of something, too much of something else (the list goes on). But just like our whale friends, every human is an incredible feat of engineering, courtesy of millions of years of evolution. With society constantly telling us we’re not got enough, we can easily forget this.

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