About Whalebeings

Life is both beautiful and ridiculous, and I like to blog about that.

Hi! My name’s Zoë  – welcome to my blog

I love to write. I’ve done it for fun all my life and, amazingly (my eight-year-old self would be so proud), it now pays my bills and keeps my guinea pigs in fresh Waitrose spinach. Thank the gods for the birth of digital content marketing!

That’s me up there, with the inexplicably wet hair. It’s not like I’m trying to be a sexy model who’s just stepped out of a waterfall (easily mistaken). It’s just that there was this glorious sunlight pouring into my living room straight after I had a shower, so I took a picture of myself squinting into it and it turned out OK, in my opinion.

What is a Whalebeing?

Whales sparked my imagination from a young age. Why wouldn’t they? They’re bus-sized, intelligent, prehistoric-looking animals, like no other creature on the planet, and yet they’re usually gentle and, in some cases, apparently altruistic. Humpbacks have been observed risking their own lives to save other species – including humans, from predators. (Yes, the same humans that hunted them to the brink of extinction)

The more we discover about whales, the more respect and awe I have for them. That’s why I think it would be nice if we could all try to be a bit more whale in our day-to-day lives. Whales care about each other deeply; they’re curious, gentle and courageous – plus they have a lovely playful side and don’t seem to care if they’re packing a bit of extra blubber.

I’ve thought up 6 things we can all do to be more whale, and called it the Whalebeing Manifesto, which you can find a little further down this page.

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The Whalebeing Manifesto

1. Frolic in nature

2. Notice little joys

3. Be inquisitive

4. Practice tolerance

5. Be kind to all creatures

6. Celebrate our bodies

When being a human starts to feel a little tough (which it does, from time to time), you can always turn to the Whalebeing manifesto.

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