Frozen banana is a game-changer for healthy eaters craving ice cream

This blog needs no preamble.

Just grab a banana now, peel it and put it in a bag/box in the freezer.

In about 3 hours it’ll be frozen. But not the rock hard, flavourless type of frozen typical of fresh fruit. Frozen banana is creamy and softish, like ice cream. You can chop it up and eat it in chunks (which is what I do), or you can throw it in the blender to make delicious ice cream/sorbet.

Either way, it’s a game-changer for me. It makes bananas a whole new level of delicious, it’s perfect for a warm day, it satisfies sweet cravings and it has all the nutrients of a banana…because that’s what it is.

Unfortunately the weather in the UK right now is back to its usual drizzly self, but when the sun returns for July and you suddenly remember that box of banana in the freezer, you’ll thank your past self.

Or, you know, just go and buy a Magnum.

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