If not now, then when? Wednesday wisdom from my oracle deck

There’s this song I love by a Cornish band (featuring Ben Howard) called ‘Portland’. It’s a beautiful song; if you’re into music that makes you feel all your feelings, I recommend finding it on YouTube or Spotify and having a listen. Mickey Smith’s voice is hard to decipher but there’s one lyric that stands out, and it always cuts right to my heart. I remember listening to it on a moonlit beach one night while contemplating leaving my husband.

The lyric goes: ‘If not now then when?’

Sometimes we ignore our gut feelings because they’re a bit scary to confront. It takes courage to do something that you know is going to upend your entire life – especially when it affects other people too.

I stayed in my situation for another 1.5 years after that moonlit walk. But the seed was already sewn…I just wasn’t brave enough to face it yet.

I’m talking about this because I pulled another oracle card for you all tonight, and on it are the words: ‘It’s time’, being shouted out of a man’s mouth. It reminded me of the Portland lyric, and it also resonated with me quite deeply – today in particular.

Life is too short to spend it dithering cautiously over decisions. Most of the time your gut already knows the answer. Your job is to hack back the fear…the self-doubt, the what-ifs, that inner critic telling you everything you do is going to be the wrong thing.

What do you actually want? Write it down.

Today is the day. Accept the truth you already know, deep down. Make your decision, make a plan. Set your intention and run with it. It’s time.


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  1. thanks or the inspiration

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    1. Thanks for reading it 🙂💕

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