Thanks for being one of 200+ people following whalebeings! Here’s some art I made just for you

A few days ago I received a celebratory message from WordPress telling me I’d surpassed 200 followers on my blog after just two months of going live. That’s more people than I could shake a stick at! Not that I would ever shake a stick at you of course (side note: this saying comes from when farmers would shake a stick to indicate where their sheep should go; when there were too many sheep, there would be too many to shake a stick at). Not that I’m comparing you to sheep. I’m not suggesting, for instance, that I am a cult leader and you are my flock *quickly changes out of white robe*. No, you’re intelligent, free-thinking individuals who have exercised their free will to follow my blog. And for that I’m grateful!

In fact I’m so proud of hitting this milestone that I spent Sunday morning with my watercolour brush pens making a celebratory picture for you. Calling it art is a stretch – it’s nothing a bored secondary school student couldn’t do, but it was fun and hopefully you like it!

I even put some make-up and a dress on (on Sunday in lockdown, may I add) to take a nice photo so that I can feel like a proper lifestyle blogger.

Took about a million photos so here’s another, for luck

Achieving 200 followers has made me think about what I want for the future of this blog. Here are some of my goals, in case you’re interested (I know a lot of you are also bloggers so please tell me about the dreams and goals you have for your own blog in the comments):

  • Make people laugh with relief that they’re not the only ones who experience that thing.
  • Weave issues of wildlife conservation and animal welfare into my writing without being sanctimonious, ranty, too serious, or boring.
  • Share ideas, art and photos with the chance they might inspire others to create and share too.
  • Encourage open-minded thinking.
  • Inspire healthier lifestyles.
  • Invite everyone to have their say in the comments section.
  • Provide value that returns to me in the form of gold bullion that I can use to travel the world (in other words, monetise this blog without swamping you with ads or begging for donations – ideas are welcome!).

Let me know in the comments what, if anything, you like about my blog and more importantly – is there anything you’d like me to write about? What subjects interest you most? Is there anything I can offer that would be of value to you, such as a downloadable PDF, or infographic?

Thanks again you wonderful people! 200! Woooohoooo.

5 responses to “Thanks for being one of 200+ people following whalebeings! Here’s some art I made just for you”

  1. Congratulations many more to come 😊👍


    1. Thanks very much! I hope so! ☺️


      1. Pleasure is all mine 😊
        I am your new follower you may also support me by following


        1. Already have 😌


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