Today I failed at drilling a hole in a wall so I did a pretty painting instead

My bedroom walls are made of titanium. It’s the only logical explanation for how two drill bits snapped clean in half while I was trying to mount the brackets of my new IKEA desk to the wall today.

That, or I shouldn’t have been so tight when I googled ‘cheapest electric drill I can possibly buy’. Does anyone else get a terrible impulse to drill into their own hand when they hold an electric drill? No? Just me? Well if I did that with my drill, I’d snap the drill bit.

Anyway, thanks to my cheap but completely useless drill, I ended up making a colossal mess of the wall that I spent months stripping, scrubbing, filling, sanding and painting last year.

I’ve now filled the unsuccessful holes in again. Tomorrow I’ll sand them and paint them and then I’ll ask my neighbour to bring round his Proper Drill and try the whole thing again.

To channel my DIY frustration, I decided to do some painting of the artistic variety. Last week I ventured into the wild world of abstract art and produced this:

As a side-note, when I first moved in, this bedroom was hideously purple. Like, early 2000s schoolgirl lilac, with violet coving around the top that took about 5 coats of paint and a series of ancient incantations to get white.

Note the thick painted wallpaper and two coats of paint underneath, which all had to come off with days of rigorous scrubbing.

Once I’d purged the room of purple, it took me ages to decide on a colour scheme. The room faces north-west so it’s quite dark for most of the day. I felt it needed some warmth and vibrance, so I settled on jasmine white walls with bright orange and pink touches (such as my new painting).

As much as I enjoyed the abstract painting, I found it surprisingly challenging having no parameters to stay within – in a way it’s much easier to try to reproduce something that actually exists than creating an arrangement that’s never been done before. The result wasn’t that Avant Garde I guess, but it fit the criteria of my colour scheme and I don’t think it’s too offensive.

Today I opted for a stylised representation of an orange tree. For a while I’ve wanted to paint an orange tree because I think they’re so beautiful with their waxy leaves and vibrant, perfectly round fruit, like little sunshines. They make me think of hot, balmy days in southern Spain. Not that I’ve ever experienced a hot, balmy day (or any kind of day) in Southern Spain. Anyway, this is it:

I enjoyed it and I’ll definitely be doing more!

So that was my Saturday. How was yours? Let me know in the comments!

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