Feeling a bit meh today? Let me pull a magical oracle card to inspire you

Today is one of those days, don’t you think? Outside is windy and gross. I’m personally not feeling very chipper. I got annoyed today on my lunch break walk around the park because a bunch of other people had the audacity to also be going for a lunch break walk around the park.

Do you have those days? Where everything is a bit annoying?

I got into bed at 6.30pm in a bid to make today be over. What it’s actually done is made today feel much longer, because now I’ve been hanging out in bed for 3 whole hours.

I know this is a terrible thing to wish for because time is finite and life is precious, but occasionally I do wish we had a fast forward button like they do in The Sims. Just occasionally, in times like today where I don’t have the motivation to do anything productive, I think it would be nice to speed things up a little. I would also like it if we could type ‘rosebud’ into our bank accounts and magically get £50k.

Maybe I feel like this because today is a fast day. Fast as in not eating, not fast as in…you get it. All I’ve had is 495 calories worth of juice and soup, which I’ve already peed out, and my empty stomach is banging its fists on the floor screaming about how it didn’t ask to be born and it just wants some macaroni cheese pleeeaaasee.

Anyway…the point of this blog is to cheer us all up; give us something deep and meaningful to ponder over on this blustery Thursday night. So I’ve come up with something a little bit different!

I was recently gifted this ‘Manifesting your Greatness’ oracle card deck by my boyfriend, who lugged it all the way across the ocean from Florida with him, which I think adds to the mistique of the cards.

The illustrations (by Amy Chase, a young, hip photographer and artist from New York) are really colourful and have a cool, slightly uncanny feeling about them – a little dark and surreal, which I like.

You don’t have to be spiritual to dabble in tarot and oracle cards. As items, they’re beautiful and interesting to look at and they come with thought-provoking stories and relatable messages. I personally love it. My sister is really good at reading tarot cards with a little help from her crystal ball (the Internet), and often her readings are spookily on point. Oracle cards are different to tarot. They’re a bit lighter and slightly less…witchy, but still fun.

So…let me shuffle my cards to see what comes up for us…*eyes roll back in head, speak in tongues for a bit*…

Every breath can be a new beginning.

Nice! This card appears to feature a woman in a regal headdress holding her hand to her tummy (I assume to take a deep breath). She has a sleeping cat on her lap and in the bottom right-hand corner there seems to be a sleeping child.

So what does it mean? Here’s my interpretation. Sometimes we cast our thoughts too far. We spend a lot of time projecting way into the future, or dwelling over the past. But of course neither of those places really exist. What it all comes down to is the breath you are taking right now. It is peaceful and quiet.

What comes next is entirely independent to what’s come before. You can always change your path, choose something unexpected, start something new if that’s what you want.

Don’t be afraid of missing your opportunity; don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You’re not past it. Every breath can be a new beginning. As long as you’re breathing, there’s time to start something new and wonderful…or just different.

I think this sentiment can apply to all areas of life. To make a change you just have to decide to do it, take a deep breath and…do it. Don’t be afraid of failing. If you fail it doesn’t matter because there will be other deep breaths. There will always be other chances.

And one last thing…something I’ve discovered since becoming a yoga teacher and practicing pranayama (breathing techniques) a lot more, is how amazingly powerful breathing is.

Try it right now.

Take a deep breath through your nose, feeling your belly inflate like a balloon, then allow the air to move up past your rib cage to expand your chest. Hold for a moment before slowly releasing through your nose from the chest all the way to the bottom of the belly. This 2-part breathing is called the yogic breath and it’s absolute magic, in my opinion.

Let me know if you like this idea of pulling an oracle card for a blog post, as I could make it a regular feature ☺️


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