Soup, soup, tasty soup, soup…pepper and sweet potato

If you were ever a Mighty Boosh fan you’ll have the soup song in your head now like I’ve had FOREVER. You’re welcome.

Cooking was never my strong point. At uni my speciality was rice, cheese and ketchup in a tortilla wrap, microwaved. I think my lowest point was when, feeling simultaneously lazy, poor and experimental (dangerous combo), I put mustard in my oatmeal.

But I’m 30 now. A grown women with 12 years of cooking experience (well, trial and error) behind her, in addition to a much better understanding of nutrition and a healthy respect for where mustard does and doesn’t go (dressings, cheese sauces and hot dogs. That is literally it.).

Crucially, I am now with someone who appreciates my food. Apparently I’m very responsive to positive reinforcement! Over the last few months of living together, my apathy (and occasionally disdain) for cooking has crept into real enjoyment. Even now that he’s gone home to America, I’m still making more of an effort to please my own taste buds.

Yesterday I had one of those productive Saturday mornings only smug people on Instagram seem to have. I read my book in bed, went food shopping, cleaned my flat AND made a batch of roasted red pepper and sweet potato soup to take on a walk with my friend – all before midday. Someone get me a sponsorship deal, quickly.

Because I enjoyed the feeling of lightness and relief from usual stomach problems thanks to only drinking juice last week, I’ve decided to eat mainly soup next week.

Starting with this spicy, smokey sweet potato and pepper soup

What goes into it?

– 1 red bell pepper
– 1 orange bell pepper
– 2 plum tomatoes
– half a sweet potato (medium)
– 3 cloves garlic
– drizzle of olive oil
– 1 vegetable stock pot
– 1 teaspoon miso paste
– liberal squeeze of tomato paste
– salt
– smoked paprika
– chipotle chili flakes
– garlic granules
– drizzle of thick coconut milk

How to do it

Begin by chopping up sweet potato into cubes, the peppers into quarters and halving the tomatoes. Blast the sweet potato in the microwave to soften for a few minutes. Chuck them all on a baking tray, throw on the garlic (unpeeled), drizzle olive oil, season with salt and shove in the oven.

Next, boil the kettle, pour into a big saucepan and plop in the vegetable stock pot. Add miso and tomato paste.

Once the veg is roasted, take out of oven, chop into smaller pieces and add to saucepan. Squeeze garlic out of its skin (very satisfying). Add smoked paprika, chilli and garlic granules to mixture.

Leave to simmer for 5-10 mins.

Use a hand blender to blitz it into soup, and finish it off with an arty swirl of coconut milk.

Hey presto, you have soup! (Soup, soup, tasty soup, soup).

I poured mine into some take-away cups I bought from Sainsbury’s so my friend and I could drink it to keep us toasty on our walk. As a massive foodie herself (an actual Master’s in nutrition!), I was extremely relieved to hear she loved it.

This batch is enough to last me for the next 2 days, maybe even 3 – so it’s a really cheap way of eating too. Plus my guinea pigs love the inside bit of peppers so nothing goes to waste! Meet Chip:


2 responses to “Soup, soup, tasty soup, soup…pepper and sweet potato”

  1. It really was a delicious soup!!
    I will definitely be making it myself.

    I usually get my coconut milk from a tin and struggle to use it all before it goes off. I found out through trial and error that you can pop the remainder in an ice cube tray to make handy little portions. I’d recommend greasing the tray first though. I’d also recommend storing it away from any regular ice cubes, to avoid accidentally putting them in your G&T.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is such good advice because I have this exact problem now! I had a bit with dinner but consuming an entire tin is quite challenging. Hmm coconut g&t…maybe not bad!


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