Walk, work, juice cleanse day 4, and a man with a rifle

My day started strangely.

I was nearly home from my morning walk, about to head across the open expanse of the South Downs golf course, when a jogger crested the hill and came running straight at me, waving her arms in a panicked fashion.

I stopped in my tracks and removed my earbuds, wondering if I’d done something unknowingly illegal, or if someone was hurt and I was going to have to do something scary like CPR.

“I know this is going to sound completely made up,” the woman said, panting. “But we’ve just seen a man up there in full commando gear carrying a rifle. He was walking towards the cafe so if I were you, I’d take a different route. My friend is calling the police.”

Before I could ask any reasonable questions like ‘did the man look particularly murderous, or was he the friendly gun-wielding type?’, the woman had jogged back to her friend. I stood looking towards the cafe, assessing the situation. If I turned back I’d have to add on an extra 20 minutes to my walk and I had shit to get on with at work. And just how dangerous could an armed man roaming a golf course at 8 in the morning really be?

Luckily my fear of being shot to death overrode my laziness and I turned around to take the long route home.

I still don’t have an answer to the mystery of the man with the rifle but after I got home I did see a helicopter flying in the direction of the golf course!

So anyway, I didn’t get shot and I got a few extra steps logged on my FitBit so it was a win-win for me.

I’ve nearly completed day 4 of 5 on my juice cleanse! Thank fuck.

I had miso soup again and added a bit of peanut butter because I was actually feeling quite dizzy and the words on my laptop screen were moving about a bit.

Come to think about it, maybe I hallucinated the whole rifle situation on the golf course.

It’s been an interesting experience, not eating. I do feel fundamentally that it’s been good for me, because it’s highlighted unhealthy patterns in my behaviour. When I start to feel down and hopeless, my first thought is ‘I want food’. But these past few days I’ve had to comfort myself in other ways, like a bath, or reading my book, or writing self-pityingly in my journal, or getting into bed early.

My body feels good. I still have loads of energy for exercising and my brain seems to be functioning ok (although I live alone at the moment so no-one to verify).

I’m down another 0.5kg so in total I’ve lost 3.5 kg in 4 days (half a stone). It seems really extreme and fast so I’m quite suspicious of it and I’m not counting on it to stay off. It’s just been a good exercise in self-control and I can now identify a few areas of my diet that I could definitely improve from now on. Cheese for instance. Less of it, probably.

I’m looking forward to the baked tofu and veg I have planned for tomorrow evening. I’m going to eat it molecule by molecule and really appreciate it!


2 responses to “Walk, work, juice cleanse day 4, and a man with a rifle”

  1. Omg how bizarre! I’m glad you’re okay!

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    1. It was really bizarre! Thanks 🥰

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