I’m not dead yet! Day 3 on my 5 day juice fast

Here I am in bed again having completed my third day without solid food. Another really boring post coming up, just to warn you. There’s only so much content you can squeeze out of juicing (ha).

This morning I felt so good! Light and full of energy. According to the scales I dropped another 1kg (crazy) I even did a high intensity cardio BodyCombat class to start the day and I felt normal (normal being sweaty and a bit mad).

I wasn’t hungry at all until late afternoon, when my energy levels plummeted. I decided to have some miso paste with hot water for a savoury hit (relentless sweet juice gets to you after a while) and that really helped.

Did you know that many Japanese people start the day off with a bowl of miso soup? It’s supposed to be really good for the immune system.

Although I felt full of energy and quite clear-headed today, I still really miss food. Just chewing something! My stomach is still constantly rumbling and I have to consciously not think about things like deep fried tofu and cookies (dribbled a bit).

Tomorrow is my last full day of juice fasting, because on Friday evening I’m going to have a small meal of tofu, vegetables and miso soup to ease me back into a healthy, light diet in time for the weekend.

In the longer term I’m going to follow the 5:2 theory, which is when you fast twice a week, staying under 500 calories for 2 days and eat healthily for the remaining 5.

My aim is to enjoy the food I love in moderation, without guilt and without comfort eating. Stay tuned for more exciting juice content tomorrow!

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