Fuel Station juice fast day 1 – thoughts so far

This morning, 30 partially frozen vegetable and fruit juices were left in a polystyrene box at my front door by a DPS driver named Callum.

…And thus, unbeknownst to Callum, my 5-day juice fast began.

In yesterday’s post I wrote that I was apprehensive about trying (and writing about) the Fuel Station 5-day detox because of how toxic and counter-productive crash diets can be. I also explained why I decided to go for it regardless. In a nutshell, I’m doing it because I want to feel better in my body. I want to feel lighter, bloat-free, clear-skinned and clear-headed. Besides, my GI-tract could probably do with a mini-break from all that endless breaking down of large molecules into small molecules malarkey that it’s been doing all my life.

It’s dinner time – how do I feel?

I have consumed all but one of my 5 daily juices. I’ve been experiencing waves of hunger and cravings for solid food all day. Right now I don’t feel too hungry but I do have a headache. Apparently it’s very common to experience headaches during a juice fast. Fun!

This morning I went for my usual hour walk over the hills followed by BodyBalance (yoga/pilates). Usually I do BodyCombat, which is a high intensity martial arts workout – but part of this fast for me is to give my body a bit of a rest, so I’m going to avoid any extreme cardio this week and stick to strengthening and stretching.

Meet the juices:

To spice things up, I’ve given them all better names (sorry Fuel Station).

In order of when they should be consumed

  • Gretel the green one – sharp and zesty, made from kale, cucumber, lemon and apples (there are 2 of these each day – one at the beginning and one at the end).
  • Cecelia the orange one – sweet and slightly spicy, made from carrot, ginger, lemon and apple.
  • Bruce the black one – sweet and slightly dusty, made from carrot, apple and activated charcoal (why not?).
  • Priscilla the purple one – sweet and slightly earthy, made from beetroot, apples and cucumber.
  • Little Trev the energy booster – spicy, nice!

Verdict: all of them are really tasty but very sweet. They sort of take the edge off my hunger but not for very long. To be honest I’m worried about the amount of sugar I’m consuming with these juices. For the past 3 weeks I haven’t consumed any sugar apart from a handful of grapes on my salad – so this is quite a leap.

I wonder if it would be better to do a soup fast instead of fruit? Too late now! Keep an eye out for day 2 tomorrow 🙂

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