Celebrating 100 Whalebeings (followers) with 10 photos of nature being too beautiful for its own good

It’s been six weeks since I created this blog Whalebeings.com, and as of the moment I’m writing this, an incredible 89 of you have already clicked the ‘follow this blog’ button to receive a notification when I post something new.

To be honest I’m amazed and completely chuffed that you’re not only clicking on my posts, but liking them enough to want more. With each view, like and follow, I gain a little more courage to keep writing publicly – which, as you know if you’re a blogger too, is kind of scary because by writing about your opinions, thoughts and life, you’re giving bits of yourself away to the big amorphous mass of the Internet – which as we all know, can be a terrible beast. When you engage with my posts, you’re reminding me that you’re a real human experiencing the same old human experiences as me, and that’s very reassuring.

As a little thank you for supporting me, and to honour point #1 of the Whalebeing Manifesto (frolic in nature), I’d like to share 10 photos I’ve taken that show nature being too darn good looking for its own good. Each photo comes with a bit of background and a silly little nugget of wisdom that I hope makes you smile, or roll your eyes, or think, or something.

I know I’m being a bit presumptive by celebrating 100 follows when I actually only have 89, but maybe by the time you’re reading this some time in the future (hi! Is lockdown over yet?), there will be. Maybe there’ll be more than 100! So anyway, whether you’re a silent reader or a visible follower, I genuinely thank you, and I hope these photos are nice for your eyes…

P.S. needless to say I’m not a professional photographer and these were all taken with a phone – they’re not perfect photos by any stretch of the imagination but I hope they capture an atmosphere.

Nature being beautiful #1

Background: Look how clear and enticing the water in this little natural pool is! Don’t you want to strip off and take a dip? No you do not. This is December in the Lake District (north of England) so it’d be very very very chilly.

Nugget of wisdom: You don’t have to spend loads and travel long distances to travel. Travel is a mindset of curiosity and openness that can be applied to the very place you live. Unless you live in…I don’t know, the centre of Delhi, or something.

*Later on…my bad, it turns out there’s even nature to be found in the centre of Delhi! (If you do click on this link about green spaces in Delhi, be sure to come right back because we’ve got 9 more pictures to get through).

Nature being a knock-out #2

Background: When I was 24 I discovered my then-fiancé had a 5-year-old child he’d neglected to mention, so I ran away to Korcula, a tiny island off the coast of Croatia, to gather my thoughts and catch glimpses of dusky pink skies between romantic alleyways.

Nugget of wisdom: Conduct an in-depth background check on everyone you meet. Only joking. Never be afraid to retreat, when you need to. Be your own beach-side hammock. Wrap yourself up in a cocoon of your own self love. You’ll always have your own back, even if the world falls down around you.

Nature being hot stuff #3

Background: A frosty morning walk. A holy park bench doused for a few moments in sunrays. A moment I almost missed.

Nugget of wisdom: Everything passes. Love, life, people, moments. Don’t let that make you sad – just notice it all. Try to notice and feel the moment you’re sitting in in life right now, not what’s come before, or what comes afterwards.

Nature being well fit #4

Background: You can’t easily tell, but this Costa Rican waterfall is HUGE. When I set off for the hike I didn’t know what to expect. This was just one of a series of cascades roaring down the mountainside. It was a happy day.

Nugget of wisdom: Trust the universe. It might sound like an empty request. What do I mean ‘the universe’? What am I trusting it to do? Sometimes you have to gaze up at thousands of gallons of water thundering off a cliff edge to understand that you’re part of something magical beyond your own comprehension.

Nature being a bombshell #5

Background: Costa Rica again. I got up at 5 am and ran 3 miles to this gorgeous, empty stretch of beach before it got too hot.

Nugget of wisdom: Don’t be afraid to be alone. It doesn’t mean you’re undeserving of or unable to make friends; it doesn’t mean you’re lonely or sad. Solo adventures offer a totally different experience. You’re wholly reliant on yourself; you make all the decisions and you’re more open to new experiences.

Nature being drop dead gorgeous #6

Background: At the height of summer the hills around my home erupt with pink flowers.

Nugget of wisdom: Seasons change, colours change, you change. You’re not just one being: you’re a culmination of many moments, many feelings, many actions. Every day you’re learning and growing. Don’t get caught up in shame or regret over that bad thing you once did. It’s time to move on. There’s beauty yet to come.

Nature being fine #7

Background: Driving down Highway 1, we pulled over to find somewhere to have a wee. Stumbled across this magnificent view instead.

Nugget of wisdom: Don’t be afraid to deviate from your intended path. Sometimes the magic happens in the mistakes.

Nature being handsome #8

Background: Sheep grazing in the hills above Fowey, Cornwall. It makes the abattoir worth it, doesn’t it?

Nugget of wisdom: Did you know sheep are intelligent creatures who create strong, lasting social bonds and feel sad when their friends and babies get taken for slaughter? One study found that they can recognise and remember at least 50 individual faces for more than 2 years, which is longer than many humans. Another cool fact about sheep is that 8% of them are homosexual. That’s compared to only 2% of Brits.

Nature being attractive #9

Background: A pink lily and my sister, at our grandparents’ house in France.

Nugget of wisdom: We are nature too.

Nature being stunning #10

Background: An early morning in France; mist rolling over the valley

Nugget of wisdom: Home isn’t always where you live right now. It can be a place, a person, or just a feeling you get sometimes.

So there we have it – 10 photos of nature looking absolutely divine. I hope I didn’t make you gag with my nuggets of wisdom. Thanks for reading 🙂

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