Monday again

I’ve just finished up work for the day so, seeing as my laptop is already open and I seem to be in the flow of writing, I thought I may as well post a short blog about nothing in particular.

Mondays, eh? In my opinion, Monday is much worse when you’re looking at it from the warm, slightly depressing cocoon of Sunday.

When it actually comes around it’s not so bad. The trick to conquering Monday is to get out of bed quickly, before you have a chance to think too much, and immediately shake the last dregs of weekend lethargy from your body with some exercise/a shower/coffee or whatever you usually do to wind up your spring of a morning.

Today I was particularly tired when I woke up because of a few too many vermouth cocktails on Saturday night, which merged into a very lazy, pizzary Sunday (Keto can wait). I knew I needed to force my body into moving, even if just a little, so I did a Les Mills On Demand BodyBalance class and went for a 30 minute stroll to the shop to get some essentials (toilet paper, mouth wash and French brie – in no way connected to each other) before settling down to tackle my day’s to-do list.

Here’s something cool you might not have known about Mondays:

The word Monday comes from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘mondandaeg’ which, in modern English, means ‘the moon’s day’. This is because in Nordic cultures apparently Monday was the day they devoted to worshipping the goddess of the moon.

Here’s what I want to know: how and why have we forgotten this lovely tradition?!

Humans have long been enamoured by the moon, that mysterious waxing and waning orb glowing in the night sky. It’s often a familiar, comforting presence that connects and humbles us. It plays a mysterious role in nature: influencing the tides, guiding migrating birds, triggering the spawning of corrals, causing certain plants to pollinate, and possibly even affecting our own moods and behaviours. In fact a study published only last week claims that in the days leading up to a full moon, people tend to stay up later and sleep less.

Of course there’s all the ancient connections between the moon and madness (lunacy) – and there’s a strong association with transformation: there are plenty of old myths and legends about the moon changing us into werewolves, vampires and other dangerous, fanged beasts.

“It is the very error of the moon.
She comes more near the earth
than she was wont. And makes
men mad.”

—William Shakespeare, Othello

I believe, from my own experiences, that the moon does affect us in some internal, hard-to-pinpoint way. Sometimes I’ll know it’s a full moon just because I’ll have that feeling, a kind of frenetic energy rising up from somewhere deep within me. I like to think it’s a primitive thing: a reminder that my conscious mind doesn’t know everything. I’m a constant, eternal part of the Universe whether I like it or not.

A few years ago I heard about a full moon ritual and I wanted to share it with you because it seems like rituals are fading out of modern culture and sometimes it’s important to dedicate time and thought to something.

How to do the full moon ritual:

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere – light candles and incense, maybe put on some mellow music.
  • Find a piece of paper and a pen.
  • Draw a line down the middle.
  • On one side write down what you want to let go of.
  • On the other write down what you’d like to bring in.
  • Go outside with a wok/fire resistant container and set fire to your paper while concentrating on the moon and what you’ve written.
  • Maybe say a few words of thanks in your head.
  • Go back inside and spend some time lying down with your eyes closed, meditating.

Simple! But somehow enlivening. Give it a go and report back! The next full moon is on Sunday 28 February and it’s known, rather enchantingly, as the Snow Moon. It’ll be the final full moon of the astronomical winter season, so we can welcome in the spring and hope for an end to the cold weather, social isolation and general low morale we’ve all endured for so long.

But I deviated a bit from Monday.

Anyway, it’s time for me to make a nice (keto) dinner and find something on TV to fill the gaping hole left by the terrible but cocaine-level addictive Married at First Sight Australia Season 6, which we somehow allowed to take over our lives these past few weeks and have now, tragically, completed.

How was your Monday? Let me know in the comments!

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