5 Tenuous connections between the keto diet and Hawaiian monk seals

The fun thing about having a blog that doesn’t make any money is that you can write about absolutely anything you want, which, as you can probably tell, is what is happening here.

Up until about 15 minutes ago, I’d never even heard of the Hawaiian monk seal. This is probably because a) I’m not a massive seal enthusiast (no offence, seals, if you’re reading) and b) this particular species of seal is very rare and very far away. In fact there are only 1,400 Hawaiian monk seals in existence and they all live exclusively off the coast of Hawaii about 7,000 miles away from were I am currently writing this post in the chilly UK.

So why am I writing about this critically endangered sea mammal?

It’s all thanks to a question I asked my many many followers on Instagram. What shall I write about on my new Whalebeings blog? One keen fan (my boyfriend) responded. He wanted another post about mammal facts.

So, in the absence of any other suggestions at all, here we are. And because most of my traffic for this blog comes from people interested in diets and weight loss, I’m tying it tenuously in with the vegetarian keto diet I’m currently following.

But of all mammals, why the Hawaiian monk seal?

Well, it’s all thanks to this random mammal generator. I love random generators; they completely remove the need to think.

So, here are 5 tenuous connections between the keto diet and the Hawaiian monk seal (at this point in writing I have not actually thought of 5 connections, so this could be interesting…):

1. Hawaiian monk seals follow a keto diet

These chubby little sausages eat loads of fish, crabs, octopi, squid and shellfish – not a plate of macaroni cheese in sight, which is essentially keto! Low carb, high fat.

So why don’t they have six packs?

2. People sometimes go keto because they’re fed up with their own Hawaiian monk seal-like blubber

I know I am.

3. Research shows a ketogenic diet helps you stay under water for longer

According to the Washington Post, being in a state of ketosis improves the way the body uses oxygen, making it possible to hold your breath for longer. In fact the US Navy Seals (these are employees of the American government who carry out special dive operations, not actual seals) have been advised to follow a ketogenic diet for this precise reason!

4. Ketotarians could help save Hawaiian monk seals from extinction

Okay, this is definitely a long-shot but hear me out.

The environmental impact of eating meat is shocking – it’s roughly as destructive as all the driving and flying of every car, lorry and plane in the world. When forests are levelled to make way for land to produce industrial meat, billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere, accelerating global warming. Industrial fishing has also decimated marine ecosystems, affecting species all over the food chain – including Hawaiian monk seals.

Sadly, the few Hawaiian monk seals that survived being hunted nearly to extinction by humans in the early 1900s now face the threat of being clubbed to death by local fisherman who see the seals as a threat to their fish stocks. And why are fish stocks so low? Because of the disgusting amount of meat and fish we eat, and the terrible, destructive production methods we use to this day.

So to conclude on an unexpectedly serious point 4.: following a ketotarian (or be it any plant-based diet) is much better for the environment and will ultimately help save endangered species like the Hawaiian monk seal.

5. Hawaiian monk seals are extremely inactive while ashore

Is it just me or does the keto diet drain you? I stopped halfway through my martial arts workout this morning because I was seriously tired. It might be because I’m on my period or it might be because my body is getting used to using fat rather than glucose – or it might be a mixture of the two, but recently I’ve wanted to do a lot of seal-like lolling around.

There we go! I’m happily surprised I managed to scrape out 5 whole connections between a randomly generated mammal and the diet I’m currently following.

That’s all for today. If you would like to make a suggestion for what I should write about next, please post a comment (don’t all rush at once). Thanks for reading.


One response to “5 Tenuous connections between the keto diet and Hawaiian monk seals”

  1. Jacqueline Thomas Avatar
    Jacqueline Thomas

    Well connected zoe! I feel bad about eating meat but I do enjoy it and I don’t eat loads. You don’t remind me of a blubber seal, mind you I haven’t seen you for a while!! 😀


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