It’s official: I’m going to Costa Rica to become a yoga teacher

If you’re an average earner who’s ever spent a very large sum of money in one go with a single, terrifyingly easy click of a computer mouse, you might be familiar with the sensation I’m experiencing right now of sort of wanting to be a little bit sick.

Quite a large chunk of this Sunday afternoon has been spent filling in my flight booking details, hovering over the ‘pay’ button for about 20 minutes, doubting myself until my session expires, refreshing and then filling my details in again. Eventually, after reassuring myself that this is what I saved the money for and it’ll be worth it to see bull sharks, sloths, tropical beaches and to actually become a qualified yoga teacher, I summoned up the courage to click. My payment was declined and I had to phone up Nationwide to have the Visa block removed, which took the edge off my adrenaline rush somewhat, but anyway – now it’s done and in under seven weeks I’ll be boarding a plane to Costa Rica for a month, which is bloody mad really.

It’ll be hard work. Every day is tightly packed with lessons starting at 6 am. We’ll be learning about breathing, meditation, the philosophy of yoga, anatomy, teaching styles, sequencing and of course the poses themselves. I’ll be sharing a room for 19 nights with two or three other people which, as an introvert who likes being alone, scares me a little. I really liked the sound of this particular course because there’s a big emphasis on nature. We’ll be learning about healing plant properties, local ecology and conservation, visiting bamboo forests and meditating by rivers and waterfalls. The school itself is surrounded by jungle next to a creek and is apparently regularly visited by exciting wildlife like hummingbirds, iguanas and sloths – which will make a nice change from seagulls and cats.

I’ve been desperate to see a shark in the wild for as long as I can remember, so I’ll definitely be making it my mission to do so during this trip. Hopefully not caught unawares. The only downside to any of this, of course, is that I must now live on Tesco Value Baked Beans on toast for the foreseeable future.

Have you been to Costa Rica? If so let me know in the comments what you thought of it and where I should visit for my week off after the course.

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