Please come with me to my new blog!

If you found this post in your email inbox, it means you chose to follow Zoeego at some point over the last few years. Firstly I’d like to say a huge thank you for the shameless happy little leap I get in my tummy with every single subscriber notification. The very idea that people want my writing delivered directly to their personal inboxes fills me with incredulous joy.

If you read my last post you’ll know that I’m packing up here and moving onto something new. That something new is a blog dedicated to my dream of becoming a yoga teacher this year. The problem with Zoeego is that there was no direction, no niche. This is because I’ve never wanted to write about just one thing, but what I’ve realised recently is that yoga isn’t one thing (vomit alert), it’s just a lens through which we can see EVERYTHING.

To me, yoga is a little bit of magic in a world that’s basically on fire right now. Arty farty nonsense or not, it feels nice to stretch my body, to pay attention to the way I breathe and to escape from the incessant thoughts in my mind. In yoga what you’re basically doing is lulling your internal monologue to sleep and letting the mechanic part of your brain take over. It’s a hammock on the beach for your mind.

If you think you could get on board with a down-to-earth, honest, sometimes silly approach to yoga then please do come with me to my new virtual home ZenZo Yoga.

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One response to “Please come with me to my new blog!”

  1. Yoga does help us find our inner peace, joy & balance . Thank you 🙏

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