The day I finally accessed my body’s fat stores (Fast 800 diet)

This morning I weed on a stick and it turned pink.

To bring you up to speed (god forbid you should miss something on this riveting journey of mine) it’s day 4 of the Fast 800 diet, which I’ve decided to follow for 6.5 weeks over Lent.

It’s really hard to write these blogs because while I do so there’s a smarmy little voice in my head going ‘nobody cares about your diet you absolute bore. Shut up. Write about something important, or at the very least interesting.’

That little voice has a good point. However, I should like to point out, little voice, that the most popular post on this blog BY FAR is the one about the 21 day Herbalife challenge I did back in January 2016.  This post gets over 200 views a month from people who stumble across it on their Google searches. This blog about how to look outdoorsy however, which I enjoyed writing so much more,  only gets an average of 0 views a month.

The point being, I suppose, that people care more about being fat than they do about Berghaus fleeces.

Anyway, let’s get back to the stick I weed on this morning. 

The stick I weed on this morning was not any old stick that I found in the garden. It was a ketone strip, a little bit of paper designed to tell me whether or not I am in ketosis. What the hell is ketosis, I hear you cry?

Let me tell you. Ketosis describes the metabolic state we slip into when we’ve depleted our glucose reserves and need to start burning fat for fuel. Ketones are the molecules produced by the liver when this starts happening, so a higher level of ketones in your wee suggests that your body is having to switch to using fat.

I’ve been weeing on my ketone strips since I started this diet four days ago and until this morning observed zero change in colour. This morning the end of my strip turned dusky pink, which indicates that my body has finally worked off the doughnuts I had on pancake day and is now being fuelled by my fat.

This is exciting news for me, as I have for many years believed that my body is broken.

The news that I’m finally in mild ketosis spurred me on and got me through the hunger this morning. The first two days were no trouble at all but the third, yesterday, was torture. It was a Friday, so my body thought a treat would surely be coming in the form of a glass of red wine, some Kettle chips and a bit of chocolate. Of course, this never came. My body was not happy about this, and no amount of herbal tea or fizzy water with ice and lemon could soothe its broiling wrath.

Interesting observation: last night I noticed a few symptoms of anxiety and was absolutely certain something bad was going to happen or already had happened. Now I reckon this had something to do with my body switching over to its fat supply. My body on a biochemical level doesn’t know what’s going on out here; as far as it’s concerned I’ve run out of food and am in danger of dying of starvation. Perhaps this triggered my stress hormones?

Today I’ve felt a bit better. I managed to hold off eating until 12.30 pm after a hilly walk over the Downs. Lunch was really good:

  • a little bit of quinoa with mixed beans
  • salad leaves, celery and cucumber
  • 1 poached egg
  • 1 Linda McCartney sausage
  • A cuppa tea with semi skimmed milk

Total cals: 352

This leaves me with 448 calories for dinner, which is going to be a vegan burger with vegetables (no bread, obvs) and it can’t come soon enough.

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