Eye debris and weight loss frustration

I’ve got a little while before I start work so, seeing as I just paid to renew my blog domain name, I thought I’d whack out a short post.

I have now been sugar-free for three weeks and three days. Let me just remind you that this includes banning the following:

  • actual sugar
  • the usual suspects – choc, crisps, cakes, brownies etc.
  • fruit
  • honey
  • white rice/pasta/bread/pastry
  • take-aways
  • ready meals
  • pre-prepared meats
  • alcohol/fizzy drinks/fruit juice
  • sauces/soups with sugar.

On this strange little journey I have discovered a new love for chickpeas. Hummus, homemade falafel (onion free, obviously), and chickpea pizza base. I’ve also got to know the ins and outs of spelt in a variety of forms, and I even managed to find a sugar-free ‘treat’ in the form of coconut milk yoghurt, which is something I’ll be taking with me beyond Lent (a time I can barely fathom right now).

I’ve consumed lots of vegetables, tofu, fish and Quorn products and I have only had alcohol twice – once was a half pint of Guiness on St Patrick’s day (acceptable), the other was quite a lot of gin and sparkling water.

My exercise regime has been curtailed slightly by a painful knee but I’ve been doing anything I can and my current regime looks like this:

  • Monday: 20 min walk, 60 min yoga class
  • Tuesday: 40 min walk, 60 min bootcamp
  • Wednesday: 20 min walk, 20 min gym routine, 60 min Body Balance class
  • Thursday: 40 min walk, 60 min bootcamp
  • Friday: 60 min Zumba
  • Saturday: 60 min bootcamp (and probably a walk)
  • Sunday: 60 min yoga (and probably a walk)

Ideally I would be adding aerobics classes before Body Balance and yoga and a run on Sunday but my knee has put a stop to that.

Anyway, my point is this: I’ve barely lost any weight (including inches). Nothing significant, nothing that would stand out in a clinical trial. I don’t FEEL like I’m overeating other things. My dinner portions are fairly large but that’s because I eat a lot of vegetables. I make sure the carb part of the meal is limited. I have two snacks a day: 5 little oatcake cracker things, sometimes with hummus, and a handful of nuts. Breakfast is porridge with a bit of coconut milk yoghurt, lunch is a protein source with salad (no carbs) and dinner is spelt with vegetables and another protein source.

I’m worried I might have to start fasting (this always makes me grumpy). I looked at my tummy in the mirror early and tried to stretch up and suck in all my fat so I could see my muscles. Nobody should have to do that to see their muscles.

In other news I went for a contact lens appointment and the optician told me I have ‘debris’ in my eyes and she’s surprised I could see anything at all out of my left eye. Once she said that I realised I couldn’t, and that I’ve been mainly using my right eye to see things. I think the problem is that I’ve been using this new moisturiser (Aveeno, to get rid of my eczema)  too close to my eyes and it’s been seeping into them. Good times.

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