Life without sugar is pretty sweet

Day one of my ban on sugar is over. So far, I’m absolutely fine. I’m still alive, still sort of plump. I haven’t descended into a shaking, sweating, angry mess yet. 

After reading extensively about the effects of giving up sugar I was actually expecting something a bit more interesting than this. People report headaches, anxiety, shaking, intense cravings, deep self-loathing. All I’ve experienced so far is a vaguely wistful emotion directed at the catapillar cake my colleague bought into the office today. 

I have realised for the first time in my life that sugar is everywhere. It’s quite horrifying actually, how much we eat without even realising. Today I found out it’s even in stock cubes, soy sauce and (would you believe it) Jamie Oliver’s spelt. I’m fairly disappointed. I could expect it from OXO but not from Jamie Oliver’s spelt.

My day without (much) sugar looked like this:

  • Porridge with a pinch of salt (actually really tasty)
  • Cucumber, olives and a little snack sized pot of hummus 
  • Homemade vegetable soup (really proud of this one, I don’t often make things that taste nice)
  • Some quorn chicken bits 
  • Salmon, broccoli, mushrooms, courgette and spelt (yes alright slight cheat here due to Jamie’s hidden sugars) but it couldn’t be wasted.

Plus lots of lemon water and fruit tea, and one cup of proper tea with soya milk.

My exercise consisted of:

  • 20 min lunch walk
  • 30 min fast treadmill run 
  • 15 min weights
  • 60 min body balance.

No strong cravings, no headaches or anything like that. Generally feel pretty good apart from the more I think about how I haven’t craved anything today, the more I feel like I could actually demolish a whole catapillar cake right now, in bed, face and all. 

I think the real test will be the half marathon on Sunday morning. I’ve never dreaded a half marathon this much before. I just know it’s going to be so unpleasant. I haven’t run that far since the last one a year ago and after that one I thought I should probably stop making myself do this now.

Anyway that’s enough self-indulgent wining for tonight. Wine, that’s another thing I’ll miss.

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