First official training run for Eastbourne Half Marathon No.4

After a week of feeling poorly and hibernating in my flat it’s time to accept that the year has started, there’s lots of scary grown up things to plan over the next few months AND it’s the Eastbourne Half Marathon in exactly eight weeks.

In classic Zoe style I’m tackling the half marathon training as a priority.

This morning I woke up and went for my first official training run. I have been jogging leisurely for years but recently I’ve been putting more time into boot camp, gym, yoga, and biscuits than plain old outdoor running.

Each time I’ve completed the half I’ve managed to do it 10 minutes faster than my previous attempt. I’m hoping for a faster time again this year. Luckily I started REALLY slow so I’ve given myself ample chance for improvement.

This morning I decided to bite the bullet and tackle what I think is the toughest part of the race. Darley Rd and the Beachy Head hill.

Here’s evidence in pictorial form:

A nice surprise when I got to the seafront
I feel the blur really captures my exhaustion at this point
Ok, if you insist
Getting to the top was worth it
Then on the way down the sea went all sparkly as if to say well done you athlete you

3 responses to “First official training run for Eastbourne Half Marathon No.4”

  1. Well done you, a great start. After tackling the hills all the other bits won’t feel so tough. I’d like to say I’m tempted but I’d be lying.


  2. Well done zoe! Its a start.☺ I’m in training as your official cheerleader and race support officer, tea tasting is going very well!

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  3. Good Luck – with all of it!


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