Matt and Zoe’s Insta-challenge: USA

We should have known it was a dangerous mix: Matt’s best man-to-be and a packet of felt tips. 

But we received his Insta-challenge, and we accepted it (until we ran out of Internet halfway down Highway 1 and forgot what the challenges were).

Here are our submissions…bar a few

The most la thing

Truthfully, the most ‘LA thing’ was traffic ….


But I can’t miss out the skinny palm trees and cyclists on Santa Monica Boardwalk. It was like being in GTA. There were roller-bladers blasting out music, women strutting about in bikinis, street artists, gangsters, gamblers, hustlers, hookers, buskers, vagabonds… and us.


Numberplate from out of state

Matt saw a Mustang from Michigan but it drove off too quickly for my phone camera to clunk into action. Instead we found a Ford Fiesta from Arizona parked up at Big Basin National Park. Does it say Lovett?


Anything donald trump

This one was harder than we expected. We thought the election would be everywhere with red-necks yelling out obstreperous opinions (I thesaurused that word). But most people we met said they were rather embarrassed by the whole thing. I get the feeling California is something like a U.S suburb. The Surrey of America, if you will – always keeping an arms-length away from the rabble.

That is until we crossed the border to Nevada. We caught sight of this man in an all-you-can-eat buffet in Vegas. It was the night of the final election debate, taking place a few blocks away from us. You can just about make out the motto MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN on his cap. He had an air about him.


yellow lines

There were over a thousand miles of yellow lines but I’ve chosen this photo because it’s  a little slice of Route 66, which we found ourselves on by accident. This is one of the most famous motels in America – everything was still decked out in decor from the ’60s.


Big sky, empty road

When it comes to sky and road, you don’t get much bigger or emptier than the Mojave desert. This section of road stretched out ahead of us for miles into the immense desert. It was by far the longest, straightest road I’ve ever seen. We stopped by the side of it and sat on the dusty ground to eat our lunch. There was something uneasy in the atmosphere, like we were being watched. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched Wolf Creek.


Picture from baker, ca

Sorry Neil, we didn’t go on the Interstate 40 so we couldn’t complete this challenge. Luckily, someone with the name Baker appeared to be pretty influential in San Fransisco so take your pick…


Your favourite thing from the raiders

We didn’t go to the Raiders/Dodgers American football game in Oakland as planned because a) tickets were over $100 each and b) there was a problem with the bikes we rented which delayed us getting out of the city. BUT we did make a detour across the bay as we were leaving just to visit the Raiders shop, which is where I found this classy ‘huddler’…


And that concludes our US Instachallenge!

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