The results are in from cycle 1 of the 90 Day SSS plan

I’ve made it. Four weeks into the 90 day ‘Shift, Shape and Sustain’ plan by Joe Wicks. Cycle one of three complete. 

I don’t have rippling abs yet. Well – my stomach certainly ripples, but not in the good way. It’s more of an undulation.

As I type my boyfriend is taking delivery of a large pizza. He just walked past the door and wafted pizzery goodness into my office (that sounds rather grand. It’s a laptop on a second-hand desk and it kind of smells like guinea pigs). But am I having some of his pizza? Probably not.

This little event pretty much sums up the last four weeks.

I’ll admit, there have been one or two slip-ups. A couple of meals out. Being on a ‘healthy eating journey’ (good god that’s an irritating phrase, but we’re not allowed to talk about ‘diets’ anymore) I might have had a few too many to drink on Saturday. But each time I’ve gone to the dark side (the happy happy side), I’ve sprung back. And little by little, excruciatingly slowly, the weight is coming off.

Here’s my results so far:


Initial thoughts:

  • I don’t know why there is a half-inch discrepancy between my right and left thigh now. Perhaps I need to do some left-legged squats to even it up.
  • I’m pleased my chest isn’t shrinking. It’s funny how I’m quite happy to have lumps of fat up there but not on my belly.
  • It’s a slow decline but at least it’s a decline.

Part of the sign-up process on this plan is taking photos of yourself in your bra so you can see the difference between your start and finish body.

I won’t post the front or side ones I took because they’re too horrific but  here’s the back, 4 weeks apart. It would probably be rejected for a spot the difference competition. I mean, in the more recent pic (on the right) I’ve got a slightly neater ponytail and a different sports bra on (actually done up properly this time – these things are a two-man job. In that preferably you need two men to help you put it on). From the front you can see slightly more change but to be honest no one needs to see that.

one month back

So there we go. That’s my back. Now you know what it looks like, in case you were wondering.

Things I enjoyed

Not feeling like I was on a diet

You get three meals a day and two small, healthy snacks – so never hungry.

The mousse me up

There’s a sort of pudding on the plan called mousse me up, which is basically jelly and cottage cheese but it’s really good and gets rid of the choc craving.

Being adventurous in the kitchen

And by ‘adventurous’, I mean spending more than 10 minutes half-heartedly making something up. I’ve realised cooking’s not bad. Sometimes I can make some really yummy things.

Reward for exercise

After exercise you get to have a carb refuel meal, which involves some form of carbohydrate like a bit of quinoa, rice, or a bagel.


It’s more of a love/hate relationship I’ve developed with spiralised courgette. It goes off really quickly when you buy it in a packet, and I bought a spiralizer for an obscene amount of money and it just squashed the courgette so that was disappointing. But when you get it right it’s great – especially mixed with a little wholewheat spaghetti.

Things I didn’t enjoy


Terrible, terrible, painful, uncomfortable, persistent constipation. But you probably already knew that. I’m now awaiting my results from the doctor to tell me why I have such a ridiculous digestive system.

Just generally not being allowed chocolate or pasta

Sometimes you just want to eat what you want, you know?

So – that’s it. Onto cycle 2 – ‘shape’. I’ve now got to add four 20-minute weight sessions to my already pretty packed schedule of exercise. But on the plus side each meal I have now can include carbohydrates. Right I’m going now to make dinner and not look at my boyfriend’s pizza.

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