Bodycoach reduced carb oatmeal review

I used to review fancy hotels and Michelin star restaurants. Now I’m reviewing my porridge. 

It’s fine. I spent my whole time as a magazine editor masquerading as someone who knew what they were talking about.  With porridge I’m on home ground.

If you read my last post you’ll know I’ve started the 90 day ‘shift, shape and sustain’ plan by Joe Wicks (AKA The Bodycoach). You’d also know it’s going quite well so far due to the emphasis being on plenty of exercise and good food, two things I like quite a lot.

Although he recommends avoiding the ‘sad step’, I did weigh and measure myself this morning. Since Monday I’ve lost:

  • 2.7kg
  • 1/2 inch from waist
  • 1 inch from hips

This is quite astonishing seeing as I haven’t changed my exercise regime at all, and it feels like I’m actually eating more than usual. The main difference is that I’m only eating carbohydrate straight after I exercise. The rest of the time my meals are full of protein, good fats and veg.

I won’t pretend I haven’t craved ‘bad’ food. Last night my boyfriend whipped out a sticky toffee pudding with Devon cream custard after dinner and when I caught a whiff I was like Bruce from Finding Nemo when he smells blood.


Yesterday morning I had the reduced carb oatmeal for breakfast. I tried it earlier in the week but due to time restraints (frantically flying around the kitchen in my knickers trying not to miss the train or forget my clothes) I left out the shredded coconut, most of the milk, and all the yoghurt and cinnamon. Needless to say it wasn’t pleasant. It turned into a weird, stodgy, flavourless mess.

Now I don’t want to be too specific here in case Joe Wick (AKA The Bodycoach) sends his legal team over to beat me up (that’s definitely how it works). But the reduced carb oatmeal involves chia seeds (still don’t actually know what these are, I’m just blindly eating them), flax seeds, the teeniest most depressing smattering of oats, shredded coconut (I swapped this for ground almonds because I couldn’t find any coconut), almond milk (again, swapped for cows milk as it’s all I had to hand), a tiny swirl of Greek yoghurt and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Here’s what it looked like:



7/10 – yeah it was nice in the breakfast context but not compared to chocolate cheesecake or a couple of chocolate digestives obviously.


10/10 – this would get you up a big mountain on a cold day.


7/10 – it’s not like my old breakfast, where I would shove some oats and water in a bowl and zap it for 2 minutes in the microwave. You’ve actually got to measure each ingredient up and heat it in a big pan and then wash up said pan.

So there we have it (I can’t think of any other rating factors), my bodycoach low carb oatmeal review. Conclusion: it’s a nice, filling, easy breakfast option. I’ll be having it again.


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