Thinking of going from brown to blonde

A few days ago I wrote a blog about persecution, war and ISIS. Now I want to talk about hair dye. Not a smooth transition I know, but bear with me. 

My hair is naturally very dark brown and I want to have blonde bits put in it.  The exact hairdressing term is ‘ombre’ (pronounced ombray, like Peter Aundrey). In an ideal world, I would have been born a natural flaxen beauty, with long swishy hair like this…


But alas, I was born with the fullest, blackest head of hair you can imagine. Far too full and black for a baby.

I’m the one with the hair. All the hair.

As I’ve grown older it’s tamed itself (with the help of gravity) and it’s a bit lighter than it used to be. However, I know I would look ridiculous if I dyed my hair completely blonde because I just don’t have the skin tone or eyebrows for it.

In fact, to illustrate the point, I’ve put my photo through a virtual hairstyling tool. The results are not disappointing.


But it’s not as good as this more caramelly shade…


I look like my name might be Fanny, and I might be a reborn Christian who likes to sing country and western.

No. Full blonde is not going to work. Instead, I’m going ombre. ‘Ombre’ is a fancy term for having your ends dyed a different colour to the top bits. It makes it look more natural and ‘sunkissed’, and it’s lower maintenance as you can just let it grow out naturally.

Ideally, I will leave the salon looking like this:


Apparently I have to have a hair ‘consultation’ first. This is not just between me and my hair. It involves a hairdresser inspecting my hair’s condition and dabbing me with dye to make sure it’s not going to make me bald and crusty. Then I have to wait 48 hours, then book another appointment.

Is it worth it?

It all sounds like quite a lot of hassle and the appointment I did make was cancelled so I’m sort of wondering if maybe I should just save my money and put it towards a trip away, or  a drumkit, or something else to expand my mind.

In reality I’m not going to transform into the flaxen haired beauty of my dreams. I’m just going to be me with a couple of blonde bits.

Ah life. It’s so confusing.


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