A Visual Update on My Fat Loss Challenge (Day 5 of 21)

It’s day 5 of my 21 day meal replacement challenge and I’ve lost 3.1kgs (6.8 lbs) in total so far – not bloody bad!

Here’s what that looks like in chart form:

weight loss

I’ve gone from 76kg to 72.9kg in less than 5 days. I haven’t been this light since before University. The good thing is that the meagre muscle I have managed to build over the last few years isn’t wasting away. In fact I’m putting it on! Introducing Snazzy Chart Number 2 …

fat and muscle

As you can see, the red line (muscle) is whizzing up, while the blue line (fat) is plummeting satisfying down as I burn away all the goats cheese and crackers I ate over Christmas (god even mentioning that has my tummy rumbling).

This challenge is not easy. In fact for someone who loves food, it’s near-torture. Some people can breeze through this sort of self-denial. Food is just fuel. Not me. It’s taking every ounce of self-restraint not to sneak off to Co-Op and buy myself a nice carby sandwich for lunch and then about five thousand biscuits.

The easy part is the exercise. It takes my mind off eating. This week I’ve gone on my usual daily walk along the beach, plus a 4.5 mile jog on Monday, bootcamp Tuesday, cycling and swimming Wednesday, bootcamp Thursday, a head-torch night run scheduled in for tonight and boxercise at 7am tomorrow.

I suppose when I start full-time work again next week I’ll be better distracted and less likely to think about food.

Anyway that’s all for today. Good luck to everyone else who’s doing this challenge or any other. We’ll get there!


One response to “A Visual Update on My Fat Loss Challenge (Day 5 of 21)”

  1. Glad to hear you’re doing well with it Zoe – I admire your determination & totally understand the difficult bits ;D

    And hey best of luck with the job!


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