Herbalife Challenge Day Four: I’m Such a Bore

When you’re on a fat loss regime, it’s hard not to be a massive buzzkill

I wrote a post on my old blog called ‘People on Diets Piss Other People Off’, which is kind of true – it’s hard not to be a buzzkill when you’re feeling miserable because you’re hungry and you can’t join your friends and family for dinner, or nights out to the pub. It’s also hard not to feel a bit sorry for yourself sometimes, which can be highly irritating for other people who just want to enjoy life.

After all – it’s my choice to do this challenge, to deprive myself of the food I love for three weeks. I’m doing it because I’m prone to over-indulging and I need to teach myself to rely on things other than food for happiness and comfort.

It sounds sad to say that food is the thing I look forward to most – but it is! Unless I’m going on holiday or something, it’s the thought of a nice warm bowl of porridge that gets me out of bed in the morning, and a three course meal and a few drinks at the weekend that gets me through the week.

It just so happens that this week I’ve got some things to celebrate, which makes it all the more difficult: my sister has moved back down to Eastbourne after years of living in Plymouth, Bournemouth, London and Swindon, and I’ve just been offered the job I was hoping to get, starting Monday and putting an end to five weeks of unemployment and money worries. This weekend I should be going out for a seven-course banquet, quaffing flutes of Champagne and dancing madly in a club because life is brilliant. But all I really have to look forward to is exercise and six Herbalife shakes.

Still, I am already seeing the results, which is amazing because of all the diets I’ve ever tried, none have worked this quickly. The weight loss has slowed down today as expected but everything is still going in the right direction. I’ve even made some little tables to make it more interesting for you, and to distract myself from the Ferris wheal of food pictures going round my head today.

4 days - all stats

The table above shows all the data I’ve recorded over the last four days.

4 days weight

The vertical axis on this snazzy chart represents a healthy weight range for my height of 5ft 11 (anywhere between 60.2 and 80.6kg). As you can see, I am at the higher end of the healthy weight block and while this is fine, it’s still no Elle Macphereson. It’s still too much weight to carry around – especially if I want to run the half marathon a bit faster, finally do a pull up and – more importantly, not look hideous in a bikini.

Anyway, since Monday I’ve lost 2.7kg (almost 6lbs, which is nearly half a stone!!)

But how much of this is fat? Good question. Let’s take a look at my next magical graph…

fat and muscle

Using this data, I can estimate that 1.8kg of my total weight loss is pure fat, which Google says looks like this:


That’s a Planet Hollywood mug of fat lost in just four days. Either my scales are wrong, my maths is out, or this Herbalife shake challenge is actually working.

I’ve just got to make it through another 17.5 days!

I think that’s enough graph-making for today.


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