Food dreams on day two of the Herbalife challenge

As I settled down to sleep after my first day of the 21 day Herbalife shake challenge, I drifted off and dreamed I was at a hotel breakfast buffet.

It was so vivid. I was wondering around this huge hall full of food stations piled high with things like chicken wrapped in crispy bacon, deep fried brie with cranberry jam, huge troughs of cheesy pasta bake and a giant chocolate trifle.

I woke up just as I was about to dunk my face into the chocolate fondue fountain, and remembered with dismay that my only sustenance today would be three measly Herbalife shakes.

I got out for a long walk to the cliffs to take my mind off things and felt practically faint with hunger. I had to remind myself that millions of people across the world live in poverty every day, starving to death and still having to work long, laborious hours to survive. Although if I don’t get a job soon I too might be rationing out of necessity rather than choice.

eastbourne gibralta
Picture I took on my walk – it’s known to Eastbournians as ‘Gibralta Rock’ apparently

I’m sure my body will get used to it soon. I weighed myself this morning and was astonished at the results. I had to do it again three or four times to make sure my scales weren’t going wrong.

Day Two Body Stats

  • In a single day I’ve gone from weighing 76kg, down to 74.5kg. It’s probably water or air or something – I don’t think it’s possible to lose that much fat in just a day.
  • My fat percentage has also gone down, from 28.5%, to 27.8%, while my muscle has increased slightly from 27.2% to 27.8%.
  • My water percentage has increased by 1.7% – I’ve been drinking a LOT of water to  fool my stomach into thinking it’s full.
  • Tummy has shrunk by 0.4 inches.

It seems to be working, although even the brown nuggets in my guinea pigs’ food bowl are starting to look appealing right now.


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