Challenge Update: First Day Down

I’m thirteen hours into my 21 day Herbalife shake challenge and my mind seems to have become a Delia Smith recipe book, presenting me with an imaginary slide-show of delicious-looking dishes bathed in golden light rotating slowly to unnervingly sensual M&S advert music

I’m trying not to think about the really cheesy pasta bake I had for my ‘last supper’ last night. I’m trying not to think about dipping a really chocolatey chocolate biscuit into a cup of tea. I’m trying not the think about the chicken fajitas and homemade guacamole my boyfriend and sister had for dinner tonight, while I sipped grumpily on my Herbalife shake.


Look at their smug little faces.

On the plus side my sister did come on a 4.5 mile run with me this evening, and she did profess her support for my challenge while stuffing a fajita in her mouth.

Although Herbalife shakes are filling (I’m not at all hungry right now) they are no substitute for the pleasure of eating good food. I had the morose sense earlier this evening that I had nothing to look forward to – no delicious meal to come back to after my run. But once I’d done the run my appetite receded and I felt a renewed sense of purpose in this whole thing.

My Fitbit also messaged me to congratulate me on beating all my targets today, which I thought was very thoughtful for a watch.

Here are my results for today:


I have a feeling it will get easier once I’ve overcome the habitual side of eating – the comforting side of it. It’s a good exercise in self-control, if nothing else. Now I’m going to go to bed early and read my book so I don’t have to be too near the kitchen. I never know what I’ll do in close proximity to chicken fajita left-overs.


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