5 Things I learnt in 2015

We’re here again, the cusp of a brand new year. Usually tonight’s the night I drink too much and have a little cry to myself in the toilets about the inevitability of time before reemerging at the Big Countdown to hold hands and slur what I think could be the words to Old Lang Syne and pass out in a teary, boozy haze

This year I’m keeping it mellow. I’m sick of hangovers – I want to wake up tomorrow feeling fresh and healthy. I want to get out for a jog before all the other smug January joggers wake up.

Before I head over to my mum and dad’s for steak, chips and cheesecake tonight (how good does that sound!), I want to take a moment to give 2015 a decent send-off by reflecting on some of the things I learnt along the way…

1. I can exist in new york


I’d seen it in so many films and box-sets and documentaries about 911 that it was surreal to actually be in New York last January, to actually exist in that big famous place I’d seen countless times on telly. It was like meeting a famous person. Everything was glamorous because I’d seen it on screen – the yellow cabs, the dark alleyways between apartment blocks, the street signs, the subway, the Noo Yawk accent, the big triangle pizza slices. It was magical. I lost my sense of self a little; it felt like I’d stepped through my TV screen and become part of the fiction. But now I’m back in my natural habitat I can confirm this: it is possible for me to exist in New York.

Look at me up there lounging on the Brooklyn Bridge as if I actually belonged there.

2. always forgive people

I apologise in advance for this one because I’m about to climb up on a very high and very moral moral high horse…

I'm on the one on the left
I’m on the one on the left

I remember an assembly we were once given in Primary School in which our deputy head mistress told us a story about forgiveness. She said we must always forgive each other, that we show our true strength and compassion when we forgive. I’ve never forgotten that message and I’ve often thought of it, which is good – because I’ve needed it this year. She was right. Humans are fundamentally flawed. Each one of us has the potential to hurt others and make terrible choices – but if we can’t forgive others their wrongdoings, how will anyone ever forgive ours? Forgiveness is a kind of freedom. It releases us from anger and bitterness and makes us nicer people to be around.

3. exercise is good for me but it won’t make me slim


I start every year with the same goal – to fight the flab. Due to the existence of chocolate biscuits and pasta, I’ve yet to achieve the figure I really want – which is something akin to Elle McPherson circa 1999. Despite not losing weight, I’ve carried on exercising, I’ve carried on with Bootcamp and running and I’ll be plodding the Eastbourne Half Marathon for the third time this spring – hopefully a little quicker than last year. The lesson? Stop eating chocolate biscuits and pasta.

4. I am extremely lucky


I’ve always been aware of my good fortune. I was bought up by loving, intelligent parents who have only ever wanted me to be happy. I have lovely supportive family and friends and I live in a truly beautiful place where I can walk five minutes to the beach and another thirty to a world-famous national park.

As much as I’d love to travel the whole world – and do intend to – I must remember that every year millions of other people from Europe and the States and Asia travel from their homes to see my little town. The grass is always greener and all that!

5. I’m not magnificent, but It’ll all work out

I’m not the most beautiful, the most successful, the fittest, skinniest, richest, funniest, friendliest person in the world. Neither are you. But that’s okay. This year I’ve realised I’m not magnificent and I don’t have to be magnificent. Like Tom Petty says: It’ll all work out.

Happy New Year to you!

I’m sending good vibes to each and every one of you for 2016. Thank you for reading my posts 🙂


2 responses to “5 Things I learnt in 2015”

  1. I love your outlook Zoe – all the best for 2016 🙂


    1. Thank you! You too xx


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