Preparing for the Warrior Run – Day 1

I’ve foolishly agreed to do the ‘Warrior Run’ in Brighton next month. I don’t really know much about what it involves, apart from worrying.

In a word: mud.

I’m not the bravest person in the world. I’ll do stuff – I’ll reluctantly agree to climb a cliff  or attempt to surf in 9ft waves (this actually happened) but I won’t enjoy it. I’ll enjoy the feeling of relief at being alive afterwards, but I won’t enjoy the process.

10486194_10152544346955586_7764570178609112523_nI’m a bit of a wimp really. I’ve decided that in order to be ready for muddy slopes, muddy walls, muddy tunnels and other muddy things at the Warrior Run, I’m going to have to train a bit harder. Kind of like a Rocky montage but without the convenient leaps through time.

September is going to be dedicated to careful eating and maximum exercise in an attempt to lose some body fat and increase my strength.

If you’re getting a sense of deja vu, it’ll be because I’ve blogged about my attempt to do this at least 3893u44589 times before. That is not even a real number.

The Facts

This bit is quite boring so I’m going to illustrate it with cheesy stock images…

Normal level of exercise before ‘training’

  • Bootcamp 2x a week
  • Boxercise or TRX 1x a week
  • Gym 1x a week
  • 3 – 5 mile run 1 x a week
  • Either an hour of walking or 40 minutes of cycling 5x a week

Increased levels during ‘training’:

  • Bootcamp 2x a week
  • Boxercise / TRX 1x a week
  • Run after every Bootcamp/ Boxercise / TRX session
  • Gym 2x a week – high intensity sessions & weight training
  • Either an hour of walking or 40 minutes of cycling per day

458222005-caucasian-woman-smiling-on-urban-rooftop-gettyimagesDiet before ‘training’

I’ve been a bit lazy with my eating in recent weeks, eating things I know are bad for me, like pita bread with butter and honey for breakfast (so tasty but so bad). I’ve also got into a bad habit of eating two custard creams every afternoon (there’s a free never-ending supply of biscuits at work) and I’ve been putting grated cheese on my dinner (noodles, vegetables and tuna/ham). I’m a bit weird in the sense that I get into food ruts and like to eat the same thing every night, which isn’t very good either.

143276843-year-old-eating-cookies-gettyimagesI’ve been drinking alcohol most weekends and going out for dinner about once a week, which is lovely but so bad for me.

Diet during ‘training’

Morning: Small bowl of porridge with teaspoon of honey

Mid-morning: Protein-based snack

Lunch: Tuna salad with brown rice

Mid-afternoon: Protein-based snack

Dinner: Chicken salad with brown rice

3 – 4l water per day.

No treats, no binges, no nuffin.

542716155-wwoman-drinking-of-a-big-water-bottle-gettyimagesBody Stats (as of this morning)

Height: 5ft 10.5 (this probably isn’t going to change sadly)
Weight: 73.6kg
Waist: 31.1 inch
Tummy: 38.5 inch (puppy fat, obviously)

There we go. That’s my starting point. I’m going to taunt myself with photos of beautiful athletic celebrities in the Daily Mail as a motivator.

Thanks for reading 🙂