Croatian people are beautiful.

All of them, gods and goddesses. As soon as I stepped off the airport shuttle bus into Dubrovnik, it was like entering a good-looking convention. All the women were slim, tanned, dressed impeccably and wearing glamorous-person sunglasses. The men were tall, dark and chiselled, like living Adonises.

It’s sickening. Only today I settled down for my lunch on the harbour-side (I picked something at random from a bakery and it turned out to be a ham sandwich wrapped in pastry and baked with cheese on top – AMAZING), and a long-legged besuited young man glided in from nowhere and cast his rod into the sea. That’s not an innuendo, he was actually fishing (possibly on his lunch break.) I felt like I’d stepped into a big-budget porn film and at any moment he’d turn around and try some Magic Mike moves on me, probably involving his rod.

It’s actually incredible. I’ve yet to see someone I’d consider ugly – or plain, even. This country is breeding super-models.

It doesn’t stop with the people, either. The scenery in Croatia is breathtaking. Swear-out-loud-breathtaking. Even the three hour bus journey from Dubrovnik to Korcula offered some of the most spectacular views I’ve ever seen in my life. We’d rattle around hairpin bends in the mountains and suddenly the Adriatic would appear below us, glittering beautifully in the late afternoon sun. Quite astoundingly though, some of my fellow passengers actually closed their curtains so they could have a nap. I supposed as locals they were used to this sort of thing.

If you do ever find yourself in Croatia, take that Korcula bus, or hire a car or bike or anything, and drive that road. I think it’s probably one of the best drives in the world (but then again I am very under-travelled and easily pleased so don’t listen to me).

Before you leave home though, go on a diet, get a tan and buy a selection of designer outfits and sunglasses, because you will feel highly inadequate here.

Here are some photos I’ve been taking…

This was one view from the best bus ride of my life (forgive the skewed angle, we were moving quite fast):

DSCN4623After settling into my little rooftop apartment in Korcula Old Town, I went to sleep and woke up (unduly early) to this sky:

DSCN4653Which shortly transformed into this:

DSCN4654Wowee! I’ve been spending my days walking and exploring the coastline, taking time to relax on the rocks and dip my toes in the beautifully clear water. I did some research and although there was a great white shark attack in Croatian waters a few years ago, the guy did have dead fish in a bag strapped to his waist, so it’s forgivable. I’ll leave my chum-bum-bag at home if I go for a dip tomorrow:

10639676_10153227531160586_3301767574553128977_nI’ve been writing a lot – I’ve finally broken about four years’ of writers block and am continuing a story I started at university. There’s something about being by myself on a far-away island that makes me feel writery. I’m 15 pages in and haven’t even killed off any of my characters out of boredom yet. But this evening I tore myself away from my laptop and saw the last of the sunset:

DSCN4718And I wandered the medieval alleys of the Old Town, stealing glimpses of the sea between the buildings:

DSCN4754This one is out of focus but I quite like the effect, it makes it seem mysterious and smugglery:

DSCN4759Thanks for reading!



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