Faking My Online Death

I’ve moved blogs.

After two years and 4,577 page views (mostly me checking how many page views I’ve got), I am committing Blogger suicide and converting to WordPress.

If I had a fan base, I might ruffle some feathers but luckily I don’t review beauty products or video games so no one gives a shit.

A pair of great tits even Blogger could handle
Great tits and fat balls

The main reason for my move is that Google has, without warning, removed every single image from every blog I have ever posted. I have a feeling this is something to do with its newly enforced ‘no nudity’ policy, and the fact that my post about Page 3 had lots of pictures of tits on it. I resent Google’s implication that bare breasts are offensive, or that all the other images on my blog that weren’t breasts (most of them in fact) should be tarnished with the same disapproving brush. That, along with Blogger’s uninspiring template designs, has prompted my move to a brand new domain. So if you’ve read this far – thank you and welcome to my new project, Zoeego.

Why ‘ZOEEGO’? I hear you ask. 

Naming a blog is quite difficult. It’s like naming a novel, or choosing your team name at a pub quiz. But with a blog name you can’t really get away with bad word play or a racist joke.

I also don’t have anything specific to blog about. I started with weight loss – that’s always a popular topic but it stopped working when I stopped losing weight. I’ve always wanted to be a travel writer but I haven’t done the whole year out backpacking from country to country thing. The closest I’ve been to backpacking is a nine hour stop off I once had at Madrid airport on the way to Tenerife, and I was too pissed to remember it.

I’ve done a little research into other blogs. A lot of them seem to come up with a name combining a random animal with a random adjective or a colour. Like MonkeyDust, PinkOwl, YummyGecko, or StartledGoat. They all have a whimsical, cutesy vibe about them. (These are all made up but I expect StartledGoat would be a good read).

I’m neither whimsical or cute, so I’ve opted for another format: merging my name with another word. I’ve gone for Zoeego. Zoe and Ego. Phonetically speaking, I really like the word ‘ego’. I like how it starts soft and makes an abrupt turn at the ‘g’. I like how it looks too. ego. Almost symmetrical. I also like what it means. Ego translates literally from Latin as ‘I’.

There is a lot of ego involved in writing. It can be quite self-indulgent. I think all writers are a little egotistical. We all think we have a story to tell; a big important narrative that’s going to change the world. We also write for our ‘selves’. To understand ourselves, explore ourselves, express ourselves.

Writing bridges the space between our internal monologues and the world outside – but it’s an edited script. If I wrote the unabridged version of ‘me’, Google would ban more than just my images. It’s the same with social media. We are all editors, carefully selecting what goes on Facebook and what doesn’t. I’m such a culprit for this, publicising all the good stuff and quietly omitting the bad.

What does it say about us? How does it affect us? Does our social media personality eventually seep into our ‘real’ personality? Do our personas become us? These are really interesting questions but I’m not going to elaborate on them, I didn’t even mean to get into this.

So this is why my blog is called Zoeego. It’s a blog about ‘me’. Some version of me anyway.

Does any of this make sense? Not really. My face hurts.


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